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Men In Kilts

How was your summer? It’s hard to believe but that really was the past tense used there. Labour Day has come and gone, the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting cooler. This summer was a particularly busy one for the Stacee-Free Team at MinCom New Choice Realty Inc. and we’re not just talking about selling real estate, although this summer was one of the strongest we’ve had.

Judy’s summer was filled with racing meets and hosting company from England; MinCom Jo and Anna spent a few weeks where the grass is always greener ? in Northern Ireland; and Don had the honour of walking his daughter down the aisle.

Activities in the Durham Region were plentiful. If you follow us on Facebook then you know there was always something going on. If you don’t you should because you would be surprised at the stuff you are missing. There was AutoFest,  Water Festivals On The Lake, the Sandcastle Festival, the Circus was in town, there were Ribfests all summer, Garden Tours, there was even a Caribbean Festival and the Highland Games.

This was the 18th Annual Highlands of Durham Games at Elgin Park in Uxbridge but it was the first time Judy Stacee-Cleaver attended along with her husband Chris and her trusty sidekick, Mincom Jo.   Our fearless leader was pleasantly surprised.


Please Note: Uncle Tom, Chris Cleaver and Mincom Jo are not in kilts.

According to the program…

“The origins of the present day highland games go so far back into the mists of time that no one knows when the men of the highlands first began to compete in various tests of strength, the playing of highland music and of highland dancing. It is known that Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland in the 11th century, organized games in Braemar…using the contests of speed and endurance to choose the best amongst the men for his service.”

The Durham Games have been recognized internationally and offer some of the best Highland games in North America. From piping, drumming and dancing to the caber toss and live animal showings, the games have events for the entire family.

Judy confessed…

“Uncle Tom was visiting from England and we were trying to show him how wonderful our little corner of the world (Durham Region) is. We took him to all our favourite spots and some of the the events we attend every year throughout the summer. His visit gave us the opportunity to try a few other things we hadn’t done in the past. Like the Highland Games in Uxbridge.

The second you walk onto the grounds you know you are in for an adventure when you are greeted by a Pipe Band”

Pipers Piping

Welcome To The Highlands of Durham Games

If you are of Celtic descent, even if it is from your half-cousin twice removed, you could find out what clan you belong to along the “Avenue of the Clans and Heritage Way”. There were plaids and souvenirs a plenty for those who love a good shop.


For animal lovers there were dogs, horses, sheep and all manner of livestock not always seen in these parts.

THE WILD BEASTSThere was uplifting music…


and dancers who lifted up.


DANCING 2 copy

There was food to be had, a beer tent and The Whisky Bar where you could could sample a wee dram of three different whiskies. Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your face and warm you to your toes nothing will.


A good time was had by all, especially our Judy…

“It was so much fun. The music was wonderful and the dancers were absolutely beautiful. Did we mention the whisky tasting? Seriously, it was a wonderful experience. There was such a feeling of heritage and history. You could see where they came from and the pride they carried with them. The intimate setting of the smaller venue as opposed to having it in a big city really contributed to this.”

One thing we did discover without a doubt. There really isn’t much that can not be lifted by men in kilts!

Weight over bar