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The Wearin’ Of The Green

It is said that March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, is the one day a year when everyone is Irish. Celebrations can be found far and wide with everyone participating in the wearin’ of the green, adorned by four leaf clovers and drinking green beer.

The office of the Stacee-Free Team isn’t any different. They like to celebrate. In fact this year they started a little early. Let’s call it a warm up to St. Patrick’s Day. On February 25th some team members found themselves at the Ed Mirvish Theatre enjoying the Irish dancers in “Heartbeat of Home”.

Anna • Mincom Jo • Judy Getting into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day

Anna • Mincom Jo • Judy
Getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

Our very own Irish lass, Anna Stinson, who hails from the Emerald Isle gives us the occasional reality check when it comes to our celebrations. She also treats us to some lovely homemade Irish shortbread that will melt in your mouth. 

“There is a lot of folklore surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. You will hear about snakes, green beer and leprechauns. I wouldn’t say there were no snakes. There may have been a few snakes but St. Patrick is credited with introducing Christianity to Ireland.  No self-respecting Irish person would ever drink green beer and as far as the wee folk go, well…I think I will let you decide as I wouldn’t want to interfere with anyone’s dream of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

It has become an office tradition to have lunch at one of the Irish Pubs in the Durham Region. There are lots to choose from but The Irish Times in Pickering has been the St. Patrick’s Day destination the past few years. What will our Anna order from the Irish fare available?

“I will order pasties which are minced beef & potatoes made into a ‘pattie’ and champ which is mashed potatoes and green onions or I might have shepherds pie or steak and kidney pie.”

Irish Times

As for the wearin’ of the green, a simple Shamrock will do. Some will go all out wearing green from head to toe. There are plenty of places in the area to find something to green yourself up. Even the local Walmart has a pretty impressive supply.


Walmart “Greenery”

Whether you are Irish or just Irish for the day, have some fun. We shall leave you with a wee Irish blessing…

“May the luck of the Irish be always at hand,

And good friends always near you.

May each and every coming day

Bring some special joy to cheer you.”