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Above And Beyond

All you have to do is say the word “Drone” and the image that comes to mind is one of camera-equipped drones swooping through the sky like something straight out of a spy movie, or this season’s “24:Live Another Day” or “Crisis“.  The truth is the public seems to have a huge misconception of what drones can be used for, thanks in part to programs like these.  Here in Canada, Drones are being used for all kinds of things and their use is steadily on the rise.  According to a report prepared by the Research Group of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada…

“Drones are remarkable devices. They can hover in midair, do back flips and spins; they can maneuver smoothly and precisely through small spaces or in concert with other drones; and they can do all this while carrying things like a stabilized video camera and a multitude of other technologies on board. The extent of their versatility is what makes them a viable option for a number of different tasks. Drones can be deployed as weapons in far-away wars, or can help reinvent the way humanitarian aid is provided. Drones can help advance scientific research, or can perform tracking and monitoring and surveillance work. Drones could revolutionize the way humans do certain work or even perform dangerous tasks…”

Just use your imagination for a minute. There are dry cleaners using them to deliver your clean clothes to your doorstep. Amazon has stated they will be using them to deliver packages ordered on-line. They are being used by the RCMP to help with traffic accident reconstruction and assist in search and rescue efforts. Farmers are using drones to study the topography of their land. They are being used to research and survey wildlife. They could be utilized for commercial services like infrastructure inspection, communications and broadcast services and digital mapping. The Canadian film industry has already started to use drones behind the scenes, getting the shots they need without the expense of traditional jib arm cranes or helicopters. Drones are being used by real estate agents.



That’s right. Drones are being used by real estate agents. Always on the look out for the latest technological advantage to help her clients sell their homes, when Judy Stacee-Cleaver found out that there was a local “Drone” company offering their services to real estate people she was all over it. Judy and her team tend to go “above and beyond” when it comes to their clients.

“This seemed like the perfect solution to showing off some of our lakefront properties. It is very costly to hire a plane or helicopter with a pilot and a photographer to get that perfect shot, ” says Judy.

The company was Scene from Above, located in Oakwood. It is owned and operated by Brandon Lawson. They currently have one Cessna 150 airplane, one eight blade drone and one four blade drone.

dronesThe four blade drone is outfitted with a GoPro video camera and the eight blade drone has a DSL camera attached. Lawson explains further…

“They operate very much like a remote controlled helicopter that you might see someone using in a park. The drones are much more stable and more advanced, using satellite and GPS technology. They are lighter and more versatile than a manned aircraft. You can reach angles that an aircraft can’t reach and you can take shots from a lower level.”

There is no denying the shots certainly show off a property to its fullest potential.



Our world is changing every day. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep up, but as long as technology keeps improving the tools used for selling homes, The Stacee-Free Team will be right there on top of things, going above and beyond for their homeowners.