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Annual Golf Hi Jinx

We’ve had a lot of rain so far this summer but the sunshine gave us a welcome reprieve the day of the 19th Annual Charity Golf Tournament hosted by the DCBE (Durham Business Contact Exchange). Once again Springcreek Golf Club in Claremont was the course chosen for the fun and frolics. The abundance of recent moisture had Springcreek looking particularly lush and green.

Beautiful CourseThe current President of the DCBE, Garth Riley, missed out on all the shenanigans but the DCBE Vice President, Judy Stacee-Cleaver was on hand to make sure a good time was had by all. Judy explains a bit about the event…

“This is the 19th year we’ve hosted this tournament and for the past several years the proceeds have benefited Bethesda House, the women’s shelter in the Durham Region. You don’t have to be a good golfer. In fact you don’t have to golf at all. We play “best ball” and it’s a nine hole course so anyone can play without feeling intimidated. If you’d rather not golf, it’s still a great opportunity to get to know fellow business people while having a little fun and doing some good for the community. There’s food, there’s drink and a lot of laughs.”

Zak KirchbyLast year we introduced the “Marshmallow Hole” and it became an instant “tradition”. You might think it would be easy to clobber a defenseless giant marshmallow down the runway in competition with your fellow golfers to see who could hit it the farthest. You would be wrong.  For some the biggest challenge was getting the giant marshmallow to stay on the tee. Most gave up and hit it from the grass. The marshmallows didn’t stand a chance as participants happily stuck a marshmallow in their mouth while walloping another…at least a few feet. The reigning Champ, Chris Cleaver, was not on hand to defend his title but Brett Medeiros was up to the challenge and took home the title and the trophy.

MARSHMALLOW GOLFOh, there were all kinds of winners. Perhaps the most surprising was the Worst “Most Honest” Team Award upset. Melanie and John Martin’s team for the first time in…well…a very long time did not take home this honour. The team of Judy Stacee-Clever, Mincom Jo, Peter Strachan and Trina Milnes “stole” (according to Melanie’s contesting of the results) the title.

winnersNeedless to say the biggest winner of the day was Bethesda House and anyone who joined in the fun.


Many thanks to Candy Doerfler and her helpers for organizing the day for us

and to

Spring Creek Golf Club and their staff for taking such good care of us.