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Not Just Monkeying Around!

There are a lot of things to celebrate in February. This week alone we started with Superbowl Sunday, moved into Chinese New Year on Monday, followed by Fat Tuesday (a.k.a Mardi Gras) and Ash Wednesday. We have Valentine’s Day on the 14th and Family Day on the 16th, but it doesn’t stop there. We have numerous special days for the rest of the month, all the way up to February 29th when we will celebrate the Leap Year.

With all the celebrating going on, it’s easy to see why Judy Stacee-Cleaver* picks February to celebrate her Mincom New Choice Realty, Ltd. family. Judy recognizes that it takes a lot to keep her office thriving as successfully as it does. The Stacee-Free Team always does her proud but they are just one aspect of the “family”. Independent Real Estate Agents are also a key factor, plus there are lots of behind the scenes people who contribute on a daily basis. That’s why Judy gathers together her Agents, Stagers, Computer Techs, Web Designers, etc. to celebrate and have some fun around Chinese New Year. This is the “Year of the Monkey” and it is no surprise to us that Judy herself is a “Monkey” when we study the signs of the Chinese zodiac…

“It can’t be monkey-see, monkey-do this year — you can and must lead the way. All that pent up passion needs a creative outlet and in both your private life and your career you will be the proverbial unstoppable force. Greatness beckons. All hail the Monkey “King”!

Year of the MOnkey

Well, in our case we have a Monkey “Queen”.  Around the table most of the Chinese zodiac signs are represented and our Queen, quite proud of her work family, takes the time to let us know:

“We have been successful because of three key ingredients. Loyalty. Trust. Integrity. We are small but mighty. We always have been and always will be. Real Estate is challenging but there will always be enough for us. This is not the kind of business you can do if you don’t love it, and I really do love it.”

Nice Jo

John & Jerry


This year Judy was proud to present Lois Thompson with a lovely gift engraved to commemorate that she was Top Producer of the Independent Real Estate Agents and Anna Stinson received a commemorative gift for being the Top Producer on the Stacee-Free Team.

Team Top Producer Anna • Our "Monkey Queen" Judy • Independent Top Producer Lois

Team Top Producer Anna • Our “Monkey Queen” Judy • Independent Top Producer Lois

Everyone looks forward to the fun, food and “monkeying around” when the “family” gets together to celebrate each other. It’s a little loud, a little raucous and we love it!

Kathy Don



*Broker of Record