Durham Region’s Best Kept Secret

Psssst … want to know a secret?
There is a hidden world in the Durham Region. It’s a beautiful world of forest trails, beaches, wildlife and adventure. But, if you don’t know it is there you can easily miss it.

Jo-Ann Rucinski knows about the trails and walks them all the time. Jo-Ann, or as most know her, “Mincom Jo”, is not a person who enjoys crowds or loud parties. She prefers to spend time getting to know someone one-on-one, reading a good book or just in her own company. This does not mean she is not adventurous. She is one of the most adventurous people you will ever meet, loves to travel to exotic places and has just recently returned from an Arctic adventure. That is a story for another day and if she ever gets her 1000+ photos sorted you will read about it here.

Jo - Ann Rucinski

Jo – Ann Rucinski aka: Mincom Jo

Oddly enough, Jo first discovered the trails when she was living in Belleville. While visiting friends she heard “rumours of a beautiful trail in the middle of downtown Oshawa.” Jo loves “walking for therapy” as she puts it, and decided to find the mythical sounding trail. Once she discovered it, she was overcome by how quickly she felt transported from the city. Walking the trail  became a habit whenever she visited Oshawa.


Oshawa’s Trail system totals almost 27 km of paved surface that provides opportunities for walking, running, cycling or rollerblading. This particular trail is called the Joseph Kolodzie Oshawa Creek Bike Path and it is 7 km from start to finish. Because of the “downtown” location, it also provides a safe and environmentally friendly way of getting to and from work, school or shopping.

Joseph Kolodzie Trail

When it came time for Jo to move to Pickering one of the first things she did was investigate the walking situation. Of course she hoped to find trails in Pickering similar those in Oshawa. She was not disappointed. As it turns out there are actually more than 350 kilometers of recreational trails intertwining throughout the Durham Region. There is a trail for you no matter what your needs according to Durhamtrails.ca

“From the waterfront trails to the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Durham Region abounds with excellent recreational opportunities. Throughout the seasons, walk, jog, hike, cycle, cross-country ski, snowshoe, in-line skate or even ride along our trails on horseback. Our trails will lead you through a variety of pleasant landscapes. Explore urban centres, small hamlets, wetlands, lush green forests, and reconnect with the fresh outdoors.”

Jo on a bridge

Bridge on trail

The path and bridges are very well built and maintained. Benches and picnic tables are generously placed along the sides of the path. Grass is trimmed and waste receptacles are emptied regularly. The paths are monitored by police officers on bicycles so safety is not an issue. Don’t be surprised if you bump into bunnies, deer or salmon. And it’s a bird watcher’s paradise!

You can find your perfect trail by checking out this brochure or clicking any of the following links…

Pickering • Ajax • Whitby • Uxbridge • Scugog (Port Perry)OshawaBowmanville, Newcastle, CourticeClarington

Until you choose your own magical adventure path in the Durham Region enjoy some of what Jo sees on her walk.

Walking with Jo





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