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March Madness

March can get a little crazy in the Durham Region.  When it comes to weather one might even say it is bi-polar. One day you are getting emergency weather winter storm warnings, with “polar” temperatures and record snowfalls. The next day the sun is shining and you are tempted to walk about in your shorts. We won’t mention any names (Mincom Jo). Let’s face it, we are Canadians — there was a lot of shorts-wearing going on.

If the weather didn’t have you confused, there is always the calamity that goes with changing our clocks to Daylight Saving Time. Some people will always be confused. Try to remember we “Spring” forward and “Fall” back. That’s right. We lost an hour of precious sleep on the 14th.

spring forwarc

There were “Snow Days” with the kids home from school, then “March Break” let them off school for an entire week: not a problem if you live in the Durham Region where there was a lot going on for kids and their families. Ontario Power sponsored a whole week of events including hiking, crafts, skating and swimming. Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival launched March 12, 2016 just in time


Anna & Family At the Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival

for the break and can still be enjoyed over the next couple of weekends. The Oshawa Airport hosted Girls Flying Girls, giving young girls one of the most exciting adventures of their life.  The Bowmanville Tackle Swap and Fishing Show was in full swing.  Both the Pickering Town Centre and the Oshawa Centre had activities for the kids and March break camps were offered through the City of Oshawa, City of Pickering, Town of Whitby, Town of Ajax, Municipality of Clarington, Township of Scugog, Township of Uxbridge or Township of Brock. This list goes on.

Things are always a little whacky on the 17th. The “Wearin’ of the Green” can make for some strange outfits on St. Patrick’s Day. You can pretty much find anything and everything coloured green…your food, your drinks, buildings and even bodies of water. One thing we don’t colour green is our Anna’s (Stinson) mouthwatering homemade shortbread. You can’t get more Irish than Anna and her shortbread. We are also fortunate that we have the number one ranked Irish restaurant in all of Ontario here in the Durham Region. The Snug, in Newcastle, brings authentic Irish fare right to your table. We recommend you save room for the Sticky Toffee Pudding.


The Snug

Walsh’s The Snug In Newcastle, ON

The kids are back in school for a short week. This weekend is Easter weekend giving them the day off on Good Friday. There will be an Easter Parade in Pickering and an Easter Egg Hunt in Ajax, both on Saturday. The Oshawa Airport is hosting an Easter Egg-stravaganza on Sunday.

Easter Parade In Pickering

Easter Parade In Pickering

In case we haven’t mentioned it, we also officially welcomed the March Equinox whose dual identity is called Spring, on Sunday, March 20th, 2016.  Yes, Spring has definitely sprung. Enjoy it folks!



If The Spirit Moves You

Who knew? We did know that the town of Bowmanville has a lot of community spirit.They are the type of people that band together for events and to support each other. What we didn’t know was that Bowmanville has a lot of actual …well… spirits.

Well, as the song says, “we ain’t afraid of no ghosts”. As a matter of fact our fearless leader Judy Stacee-Cleaver and her trusty sidekick Mincom Jo, along with a group of friends, looked forward to meeting a few when they signed up for a “Spirit Walk” during the Halloween season. These walking tours take place through downtown Bowmanville, starting at the Bowmanville Museum on Silver Street and finishing up at The Sarah Jane Williams Heritage Centre on Temperance St.

Spirit Walk

The “Spirit Walk” Starting Line At The Bowmanville Museum  •  Photo Credit:Mincom Jo

With Dennis Jeffery, a very knowledgeable guide, leading the way and Mincom Jo providing the occasional sound effect the adventure was soon under way. The Bowmanville Museum was the perfect spot to start the tours as it is “home” to no fewer than five friendly spirits. Perhaps, not always friendly. Dennis did mention that there was one particular spirit he wouldn’t be comfortable turning his back on in one of these bedrooms.

Girls haunted bedroom

Photo Credit: Mincom Jo

Boys bedroom

Photo Credit: Mincom Jo

Master Bedroom

Photo Credit: Mincom Jo

The surroundings certainly provided an atmosphere to support the stories, and more than one person felt something in the air.

Judy Stacee-Cleaver

Judy Was Captivated By Her Surroundings

Haunted Living room

Photo Credit: Mincom Jo

It was fascinating to see what showed up in this photo. It certainly looks like a ghostly spectre to us.


Who’s Following Who? Mincom Jo And The Ghostly Spectre

Can you imagine being able to have lunch in this beautiful conservatory at the museum? One of our group can. Laurie Baird had lunch there with her Grandfather quite often when she was a child and he was caretaker at the museum.

The Conservatory In The Bowmanville Museum Photo Credit: Mincom Jo

The Conservatory In The Bowmanville Museum                                                                               Photo Credit: Mincom Jo

It was difficult to move on from the museum with so much to explore. However, there was much more to see and stories to be heard. According to the museum’s website,

“For more than 200 years the people of Bowmanville have been unknowingly building a repertoire of scary local stories, each one filled with enough mystery and intrigue to confuse and shock even the keenest minds.”

They did not disappoint. It was wonderful to also hear some first hand accounts from some of the locals that walked with us. They were able to share quite a bit of history.

The evening ended with hot chocolate, sweets and a very spirited group mingling in The Sarah Jane Williams Heritage Centre.

Dennis Jeffery

Mincom Jo, Spirit Guide Extrodinaire – Dennis Jeffery And Judy Warming Up With Some Hot Chocolate

If you like to hear tales of hauntings, history, spirits and ghosts all local to the Durham Region then a Spirit Walk in Bowmanville is for you. Don’t miss this annual treat!