The Pit Stop

It doesn’t matter if Nascar is your thing, Drag Racing, Formula One or if you are just on a family road trip, sooner or later we all need a “Pit Stop”. You may even be out on a cold and wet October 31st evening with all the kids in tow, their costumes all in various stages of disarray when you hear it. “Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.” “Daddy, I’m tired. Can you carry me?” Of course, it could be you just can’t feel your toes anymore and need to warm up.  If you are anywhere in the neighbourhood of Southside Worship Centre in Ajax, you are one of the lucky ones. You look up and there in front of you is the beacon in the chaos.

Beacon in the sky

For the past three years Southside Worship Centre has been providing a safe place to rest, warm up and indulge in some treats. It is the ultimate “Pit Stop” for the whole family.

pit stop

Anna Stinson, Sales Representative at Mincom New Choice Realty Ltd.  and member of the Stacee-Free Team has been volunteering at the “Pit Stop” for three years.

“It’s a lot of fun. We open up the church to everyone in the neighbourhood. It feels good to provide something so nice for this community  we make our home in. I’ve learned to pour a pretty good hot chocolate while I chat with the kids and their families.”


Everyone appreciates hot chocolate served by Anna

There certainly does seem to be something for everyone. Senior Pastor Jason and Youth Pastor Matt are in costume and on hand to greet and hand out home made candy apples made by  Sarah and her helpers. Two hundred candy apples and two hundred goody bags have been prepared .

Candy apples and goody bags

Candy Apples and Goody Bags

Children’s Pastor Laura and her helpers make all kinds of balloon items. There are big colourful flowers and swords for harmless duels. There are even wee cars for the “Pit Stop”.


Pastor Laura and some of her balloon creations

There’s no need to rush off. You can let the kids burn off some energy in the jumping castle or playing one of the games, electronic and otherwise. You might even decide to just sit and watch the movie while munching on some home made baked treats provided by church members.

bouncy castle

Jumping Castle and Wii and Connect 4

Movies and Treats

Movies and Treats

A lot of fun is had by all. It is the perfect “Pit Stop” whether you make it a quick stop, in and out, or stay and enjoy yourself for awhile.   If you didn’t make it this year be sure to stop in next year. Anna will be there with a warm smile and a nice hot cup of hot chocolate.



  1. Thanks for sharing your blog and photos of your Pit Stop night. This is truly amazing! What an outreach…but, more importantly, what a testimony to the community!
    So proud of all you are doing at Southside!
    Beulah Courtney
    (Proud mom of Pastor Jason)

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